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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Love Ice Cream!

Lately I have been struggling with my sweet tooth this time every evening, especially ever since Valentine's day when we had a wonderful favorite of ours, Mochi Ice Cream, now it's all I want and crave!
I love ice cream and discovering these little dessert balls of green tea ice cream in a chewy gel like coating where they melt into your mouth makes me keep thinking about them! Just so refreshing and easy to eat!
It's always fun to have a favorite dessert, but one bite of these and I could eat the whole box in a few minuets! I do love ice cream, and making it at home is a healthier choice just not as easy and fast to get to as a mochi though....I have awaken my taste buds to the sweet taste of creamy chewy chilled delights! ...and I can't stop the love now:-D

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