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Sunday, February 23, 2014

I love Parks

When I was growing up we played for hours at the park, we pretended to be characters in a fairy tale story or just simple playing "House" made a picnic table our so called home and how we survived. Parks are beautiful places were buildings and sidewalks can not consume. I love parks full of nature or resting up next to a river. 
When I was dating my husband I made picnics to the park all the time in which he would uncomfortably attend saying "Parks are full of homeless and gang members...why are we here?" I would laugh and shake my head because I saw a magical place to sit out in the sun light and watch bugs move over my quilted blanket. 
Parks became very important to me in the summer of 2006 when I was out walking lost in thought over the surprise stress that surrounded me. I walked for miles and hours along the city parks that ran into each other through the greenbelt next the beautiful healing Boise River. 

When I got a new puppy a few months later I knew all the best places in the parks to walk and train him, even knowing the common corner of homeless people. Sitting next to them for small talk as they all lit up over a puppy to pet made me realize that parks are more then nature's sanctuary, it's a nice place for homeless too maybe my husband was always right?
I love parks for the escape of the real world, to leave the noisy crowded places of people. It is all apart of balancing yourself to sit and think about things then go back into society and share what you have learned simply by walking the park!

The summer Saturday afternoon was warm and lovely, I read my book under the big green full tree as the whole city park was alive with families having picnics and playing games. I could hear the ducks talking to each other as a dog ran by catching a Frisbee in the air then all of sudden my husband burst out "BUGS! goddamnit there are so many BUGS on me!" I glanced up over my book to say "What bugs? I don't see any bugs?" He shot up from sharing the same picnic blanket now frustrated and ready to leave "Well come over here and you'll see ants, spiders and wasps!" I giggled going back to reading my book thinking "I love parks." to myself as my husband left exclaiming "I hate parks! There is a reason they invented air conditioning and screen doors!" I caught the sight of a yellow jacket dive bomb him in motion and I giggled again by the untouched spot I had enjoyed.  

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