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Monday, February 24, 2014

I love Nature shows!

When I was a kid my father always had the TV on and many times when I would start to hear the theme song of a nature show I would race out of my bedroom to watch it with him!
Such great memories I have at the sound of this particular show, getting to learn something new about the land around me while sitting on the floor listening to my Dad talk about the things he knew in the animal world too. 
We watched many episodes of "Marty Stouffer's Wild America". Then after I grew up I made many references to Marty Stouffer over the years, even impressing my husband with all my basic understanding on the animals around us, then when he found this show again on our TV, he was thrilled to surprise me and I danced around so much! I get to watch every single show now at any time I want, so on many nights now just before bed this half hour show calms me down and relaxes my mind with the connections to the real world I enjoy thinking about!
These stories of animals, of the birds and bugs in our nation's great wide open land makes me sad sometimes because this show was first made in the 80's explaining all the fears and concerns of civilization killing off more and more of our natural habitat has actually happened. This almost 40 years later moment leaves me a bit sad, for it proves the fact that there are such deep losses in the human quest to stay modern. 
While watching the butterfly episode, I was in awe of how many butterflies there were back husband was surprised when Marty explained how spraying and pesticides are killing off more and more butterflies, even calculating the lost our famous monarch butterfly in his episode that now, right now an alarming report was shared on the lowest count of these butterflies ever before in history, how sad and how very humbling to look from 1984 to 2014 as a proof to the lost of nature!
I have vowed to never spray again if ever I was in doubt before now I know I must speak up and give hope that we could repopulate our bugs and butterflies better. I love nature shows! I especially love "Wild America" because I live here and I feel responsiable! I am going to use my life, my hands and my time to give back to this land, seeking to create a healthy balance of amazing beauty! There is a rich hope in me of how everything cycles back and around, so maybe nature will keep cycling on back to it's real paradise? I like that idea and know within my own strength I will help out in every way I can! This show will keep me sharp and aware, help me stay educated and wise, with so much to do come spring, with so much to learn all year long I am both thrilled and grateful to see each living thing outside my home like that on a nature show!
So until next time ENJOY our Wild America!

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