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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The gray cool air covers the world like a dome, like we are in a snow globe! Any minuet someone out there will shake us up and the white stuff will start falling
Stillness is where I am right now, quiet and calm something big is coming ahead in the new year but for now as I am not sure what that is....I enjoy this stillness and the moment I lean over the bridge to watch the ducks in the pond at the park. Winter is my least favorite season because I hate to be cold so much, yet I love the clear air and the cozy smell of burning wood fires out there.
(The holidays help to distract me from the cold, so even though I like to live outside I just bundle up more to seek my fresh air)
A storm is coming, this stillness is warm and the park is peaceful, so I will remain steady in my own idea of a snow globe, my own bubble I create for my life.

Bernice poured me a hot tea as the cold afternoon found us sitting and chatting around her kitchen table once again we spent the time catching up and I told her how my trip was, and how Airports sure have changed since I was kid, this made her laugh for a moment adding "Well, they certainly have changed since I worked in them too!" Bernice was a young woman working the airport cafe here in Boise Idaho in the early 1960's. I explained to her how people travel nowadays with iphones, ipads, always looking down into these devices instead of making new friends and engaging socially. I like to sit and read also but I have to stay aware of my surroundings at the same time. Bernice asked with a smirk "You mean you can travel and not need a computer with you?" We both laughed together as I explained "I feel like I live in my own snow globe, like everyone else is out of my reach with these gadgets." Bernice shakes her head in reply "I'm glad I don't travel anymore, things are changing and not always for the what do you do when traveling if you don't have a fancy phone?" I smiled thoughtfully holding my tea cup stating back quickly "I sit still, I actually really enjoy stillness and calmness, in fact this trip allowed me to realize that I loved being inside my own head, in my own ideas and my own stories." Bernice laughed again and I relaxed into our time together!

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