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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


When we speak we have the power to change any story,

When my husband says "Speak!" My dog Oscar barks instantly and my husband just laughs like he never heard the dog bark before!

When I think about it communication is key to understanding those around us, and sometimes I want to command "Speak!" to actual people too!

Why be so afraid of speaking? Even one word answers can be helpful for me in listening and trying to figure out what the other person is thinking. I have a very very quiet cousin who hardly speaks unless in that good carefree mood. I let him just be, I don't feel like chatter has to always be happening but when asked what his thoughts are on something the quietness or unsure responses makes me a bit bewildered as I realize if he was from the other side of my family where we all shout out to be heard then he would never of survived!
 To speak is to take ownership for your own thoughts and emotions without fear!
We are all thinking even when we are not speaking, comfortable peaceful silence or self reflecting moments go hand in hand with speaking wisely, sharing willingly about who you are. 
I have learned so much in my life from speaking up, and I get so delighted when others speak up too! In fact I have noticed that I'm drawn to the same kind of people who like to share and are not afraid to speak their mind! 
My life is always full of such interesting topics, clever people and endless stories to share that it simply is impossible for me to not find other like minded people!
Words either written down or pronounced have such a poetic feel, like they came straight out of our hearts for the rest of the world to understand better.....without speaking how would we ever know what the other person was thinking or feeling? Communication with all it's many levels helps bring us out of our own selfish world and we could NOT connect to another being without it! 
So be smart, sweet, soulful, sharing and most important be brave in speaking up!

The ladies sat at the table in the restraunt when I arrived for lunch sliding in next to them after a heavy day's work lifting and dusting off displays I dung into the chips in front of me as I heard them say "Ask Debby, she pays attention to that kind of stuff." I looked up from munching in surprise "What?" I waited as one of them snorted out "Why do we work with weirdos and idiots? Where do they come from?" I choke back laughter knowing exactly who they were annoyed about in our work group. Before I could cleverly reply about what I knew of this year's summer crew, another lady cut me off stating very loudly "You should know better then to ask her! Debby never says a mean thing about anyone!  You saw her earlier when she had to repeat the instructions 6 times to the idiot, she never once dropped her smile or rolled her eyes, I would have said "Go figure it out on your own!" if it was ME!" the ladies all laughed together and I simply nodded in understanding of our stressful day as I shared "Good communication goes a long ways in teaching and helping others I guess I'm thinking there is no one I can't talk to is all." 

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