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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


       Oscar, Minnie and Sidda have become like one dog right now. They pee fast and hurry back inside quickly, they nap on the couch in one jump up! They eat a bit more and sleep in MUCH later in these cold dark mornings.

I love it! Love them of course!
Oh, how lazy all my pets are! but it is this snow that sends them into a whole new level of sleepiness or cuddling lazy ways!

They are all a year older, I am a bit wiser and every second I can be with them, napping brushing or talking with each one I am grateful and happy! Even in this cold cold snow and bitter winds....I think while falling asleep with Sidda in my neck and shoulder, with Oscar in my stomach or back and Minnie on my feet and legs I think while this moment is unfolding so perfectly that I am so happy to have them in my life! While my husband moves around in bed I never feel a cold draft so this is also a fun thing to notice my dogs stay very close and connected to me.
 Once it warms back up out there from 10 to 30 then I will play in the snow with them again....but really they are less interested in that then who gets the warmest spot on the couch after breakfast! 
LOVE LOVE My family!

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