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Friday, December 6, 2013


Back In the last week of June 2011 I got to hike the Sawtooths mountains, (I am sure I've mentioned it on here before) and I was blown away by such the beauty out there it was a magical moment, my life had been all about packing boxes and chatting with the cops over our neighbors domestic disturbances in our tiny condo, in my overwhelming frustration to move. So I was ready to be out into the great wide open, this why such a memory of that hike stays with me so easily, while soaking up the early summer sun light and watching hundred of butterflies over head in my honest bewilderment! Such natural life makes me so happy inside!
                It was a wonderful stay in Stanley Idaho with my step-mother-in-law Teresa Shively, who has always been such a good friend to me. We chatted about my getting ready back home to move into a new place and embrace all life new stories and new energies, she was such a great source of encouragement and strength. Of course I had no idea the depth of change that I would actually be going through or how upside down the world would get I walked down those dark hospital hallways that unfolded less then 3 weeks later from my climbing up our muddy fun trail together being beautiful women, I was glad for that time being in those magical Sawtooths as the rest of the summer disappeared into such tears later on......
It all seems like so long ago now when I reflect back to that mountain side as if in a fairy tale, even remembering that surprise moment of passing a couple of mountain bikers on the narrow tail, thinking to myself "how dangerous is that?!?" as they rolled around us facing the drop off cliff side. It was like a real life episode of "Outdoor Idaho"! 
Priceless of course!
   We were out in the middle of no where even seeing some beautiful elk off into the distance that over looked the lake. Ending the evening drinking wine at the spa hotel looking out onto the whole panoramic view of those magnificent mountains! 
I am glad for those memories and the connection to such spectacular mountains! 
This world gets me so frustrated and annoyed at times, I don't like all the games people play or this constant struggle to make it rich or having to do what everyone else tells me to......I just like to live, to watch and see what will happen next and maybe I can face it all with a steady calm peace if I keep what is important to me centered? For I want to be like the elk grazing and simply being in all of nature. (maybe I was one in my past lives that is why I feel so at home in this space on earth?)

The Sawtooths are breathless and beautiful yet very real and regal! 
They hold stories of shared souls hundreds and hundreds of years with our life times unfolding below them. Love never dies just like these mountains in which stand tall and strong pointing up to the sky! 
We are all made to live with love if we seek it out, we are made to appreciate and be grateful for the nature of this earth, for the peace we carry in ourselves to better all the situations around us and let all of nature hold us.

Give me the blue sky and warmth sun light any day and let me stare out into such awe of these amazing mountains sides!
Love never dies, that is my promise to my soul and the message I get from this earth!
I sighed deeply as we hit the swamp like trail Teresa said "Looks like this is the end of the trail for us. I can't see a way around it, best we turn back, try to avoid that thunder storm coming maybe." 

We had walked in pure
comfortable simple sweet silence, lost in our own thoughts every so often pointing out a plant or such signs of tree borers as such "Master gardeners" like us would naturally do.....I slid around in the muddy pit blocking us from trail upwards more. I was giggling as I tried to get my camera out to snap a few more pictures I replied back over my shoulder at her "Well, I guess we's just so nice to be away from all of civilization right now though. I mean really how noisy is our lives when you discover THIS place!?!" Our girls time was priceless and refreshing, I felt like time needed to be frozen so we could just be this peacefully joyful forever!
 While walking back down our mountain side trail I heard it over head as the rain sprinkled on us that life like this was never going to be the same and I felt a bit worried inside my soul that I better reach out to touch the bark of this tree in front of me like a last grasp to always remember this moment of my deep strength being made whole for the next journey ahead was going to be very dark, like that thunder storm we were trying to avoid......

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