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Sunday, December 15, 2013


           This was my first Sunday to work in...well....hmmm in actually 4 years!
 Yes 4 years ago I left my job at the coffee shop, which had me opening on Sunday mornings at 6am. 
Since then I have done many other part time, temporary jobs yet never on a Sunday........Sooooooo today was an odd morning for me to hurry out the door with my new shop keys in hand. (Usually I just stay in my Pj's and write away the afternoon;-D)
I got to the pet food shop and followed all my training step by step in opening the store, I had my coffee and a hearty breakfast so I felt ready to work the shop all on my own, all day long. This was a very different Sunday then from what I am use to having, so I kept saying to myself over and over again "This is your very first day all alone, remember and don't panic, don't worry you'll learn all of this quite quickly."  Then suddenly my log in didn't work for the computer and trouble shooting over the phone wasn't fixing it before I had to open the doors....leaving me to scramble around at discovering prices usually found in the system online, yet that was locked up! Panic was how I felt inside but I shared with customers how I could ring them up by hand with a calm confident smile. It was so good to see such friendly understanding customers through out the rest of the day, even my boss was impressed at how well I held my own under such pressure in that stressful situation, YET by the time I could go home I felt so weak with all my organizing numbers by hand and getting it all entered when the system came back online later on. 
How amazing to me that we rely on these networks for prices and inventory, for fast pace shopping and accurate accounts!

When I read the error message to my boss first thing this morning she said "I've only seen that problem once since we opened and I can't remember how we fixed it back then...." 
while I felt myself nervously laugh at how ironically it would be ME, here on my first day to run the shop to hit this wall, this rare problem! 
Now the one thing with feeling rattled up inside when things aren't going along smoothly is that time flies by! I looked at the clock today at 9:45am right when the computer flashed a warning error blocking me from doing anything then my heart hit my throat I was bewildered and worried over everything I sold. When I looked at the time again it was 2:45pm!?!? THAT is how fast all that stress took me into the day, I was rescued and everything was fixed again later on.
It wasn't quite the best first day memory I was wanting then again first days of anything are often challenging and unknown.....
THIS is my first Sunday back into the retail world and I'm ready!.............I think.

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