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Thursday, December 5, 2013


There are a few untouched places in Boise, Idaho but that's why I noticed or hang on to such details as that from the past. I am not a big fan of modernizing everything or see old places do all this remodel, even simply disappear.....Boise is really changing here in the next couple of year so much is being built or torn down. Even the directions of the roads are being changed. I get a bit overwhelmed how odd I feel watching this all happen so fast. This has been a "small town" big city place all of my life and I liked it for that peaceful friendly sense in our community. It's in a transition and I'm seeking out those ghost towns instead! 
My husband calls me an old lady when I voice all my dislikes, like how  there TV's EVERYWHERE every coffee shop, pub or now even gas stations, I'm going to be forced to change too in accepting this is just how it is...BUT Give me a quiet peaceful corner to drink and visit. I want to hear the voice of the person I am with, I want to be connected and find meaning in everything. Even just taking a deep breath sitting back watching people like in an episode of that famous sitcom "Cheers" I think to myself NOTHING can substitute real life peoples! Which is why that show has such wide appeal we all want to go where everyone know our names, My favorite bar lately has been the Symposion because it is like stepping back in time, to my own personal "Cheers" place! I really really like it there so untouched from the outside world with the juke box playing and those pool tables full of laughter in groups giving high fives. THIS is where I want to live my life when happy hour comes around! The fact this bar allows dogs in makes it my most favorite place to go and chill out quite naturally! 
I think this way of life in a friendly, safe, good bar like the Symposion comes from a personal choice, commonly going against the rest of society of flashy new things. Give me a cocktail and a fluffy huge dog to chat with and pet while Tom Petty plays over head for this a perfect moment in time to me!
 I'm left to think about the great wide open and all that will continue to change all around me......while my gin&tonic stays familiar!

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