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Saturday, December 14, 2013


It happened rather naturally and fast in my conversation at my favorite pet shop, the place is only a few minuets from home and I've gotten all my pet food and items from this cute personal place over this last year. The owner was sharing how hard it was to find good workers, she was trying to do so many things at once so I waited patiently telling her I've been looking for work if that could help her situation of needing some time off to rest. By the next couple of days I was unloading the pallet of freight in the cold snowy weather outside the back door. Lifting over my head or stacking 50 pounds of dog food I had a new job, I am now scheduled out with a place to work. It was a crazy busy first day training that left me rather excited to have a new job but rather worried there was so much to know instantly. When I am there it's for the whole day of open to close, there is so much to do that I will never be bored from what I can see so far.
The second day was calmer, I felt like I could remember better all the steps I am responsible for , I liked fronting displays and pricing everything off the floor. Running the register or chatting with customers are the easier parts of the job for me. The ordering of special things for customer request may take a bit more focus, The shop is easy enough to learn with cat food and things on one wall and the dog stuff on the other.
The store cat Abby gets lots of attention and treats, I like how she lets me carry her around while I clean and re-stock shelves. It's only been a few days working there but I think it will work out for what I have been trying to find in the animal care field. 
The part time schedule is flexible to my worries over not being home for my dogs, life changes so quickly that sometimes I have to stay focus on what is most important to me and knowing my dogs are older, well cared over and while I am at work my husband can work from home to be with them which helps me relax in all my new adventures. 
It happened so quickly in starting a new job, to be scheduled out for the rest of the month.......I think it is fun to look out the shop window into the dark evening seeing all the Christmas lights sparkling out there. Knowing that when I get home all my pets will be happy to see me again and cuddle up for bed. I think it's even more interesting to watch how life unfolds and changes so quickly, I feel older and wiser for my time as a homemaker, now it's time to set my alarm again and get back to work!

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