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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


My whole life has always had music, in the back ground of any place I will hear it , I crave it and I need it! I like knowing it even if it's not my usual U2 or Coldplay tunes. I mean I am willing to listen openly to new things not anything hateful or gross mind you but music is for me every single word that I am feeling or that I want to understand!
Sound is distracting but also refreshing for the soul and mind to be united. Music is so amazingly powerful unfolding in a scene of a movie then years later you will hear that song again and start to cry.....or simply remember what you had completely forgotten....
My husband tried to get me into Hip hop awhile back and as much as I like to have fun or joke around it was not my kind of depth or spiritual craving. About 5 or 6 years ago when I was burning music CD's my husband Tony pointed it out that I had the same 4 or 5 songs in all of my mixes. This got me thinking about music why am I drawn to the same kind of songs or tunes no matter the artist. Music has to feed me, I need to be lifted up out of my own skin from it's sound........Tony said something to me once that never left me because I realize it is who I am now but at the time I was unaware he said "You don't always have to listen to profound things, you can just dance and enjoy mindless happy songs about shaking your ass or getting laid, ya know FUN things like that!" It is true I laughed at his observation I wasn't just getting down and jiggy with my choices for songs I was seeking to be lifted up into the clouds and resting on top of the tree instead! 
Life is funny as we grow up our music changes and follows us around, I never ever turned off my radio as a teenager in my own bedroom in those early 90's.......everything was country music with Garth Brooks and Reba. Then as I grew older everything was "the oldies", I guess I even wanted to dress like they did the 50's, so music keep growing for me, I kept seeking to reach out for new words and new sounds.......That is what is magical about music it transport you out from this very moment into old memories or into the future, it describes emotions you have been avoiding or simply forgetting, stories you have lived through and comfort you needed to just stop and listen!
I need an energy release when I am happy as equal to when I am sad and this is were the speed of sound gets my soul there for me! This is where I love living in such places as great music!
My whole life will always be connected to such profound depth of music in the background as I live on......I seek out such sound for my soul and for my own self.

My husband Tony got into the car as I had been waiting to pick him up, instantly he turned off the radio "Oh God! You and this radio are always going! I am in need of silence there is so much noise in this world!" I chuckled asking "You don't like music much do you?" Tony rolls his eyes at me "Not to the clearly obsessive nature that YOU do." I laughed out loud knowing my music time is endless for me as life stressful moments are worth it by the delightful sounds I can hear!

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