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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day

When Memorial Day weekend comes around I instantly think of BBQ time.... Maybe a nice long bike ride too, but always for sure a BIG BBQ!

There are so many people who have died for and because of this country but instead of feeling sad, ashamed or reflective in awe of these peoples I like to think about how it's the kind of holiday that brings togetherness. Memorial day brings us to family and friends, to the grave side of a loved one or to the porch of a new friend. Spring weather moving us right into summer allows BBQ time to fix this Nation's problems even for just a day!
I love the smell of charcoal burning just before the ribs or steaks get flip on and the soft music from the radio under the bright blue sky! 
People laughing, drinking and chatting it up! THIS is honoring to all those who died, to all the millions of stories out there THIS is the time to share and enjoy still being alive!
Have a good social weekend and eat some great BBQ too!

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