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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Last Day

It is amazing how being a Nanny over this past school year went by so fast! and amazing how those kids stayed busy beyond any life style I had ever known! How cooking and cleaning became second hand for me, how so much changed in their home with their parents splitting up and sharing different days with the schedules.

As a Nanny I did all I was told, but fighting over homework getting done was my biggest challenge with the 10 year old. (When I was 10 years old if I said I had already done my homework when asked then was discovered 2 weeks later nothing was done, well my parents would have skinned me alive! Of course I know there's great helpful ways to never lay a finger on a kid in order to teach a lesson about lying or cheating...)
This job taught me how important it is to have such healthy boundaries for children right away, to teach when you can about honest respect towards the truth. 
Being a nanny I noticed such a different life style for these kids, As they kept up on school events, appointments and sport practices I felt rather tired out for them, I couldn't imagine being that busy in my own youth...time flies by anyway so why hurry to grow up? It was never my place to say so but I was glad looking back at my own life knowing how creativity and nature walks saved my adult life from being so stressed out. There is no amount of money that can give back our lives, give us back more time....We can learn from Buster to live for today in joy, in love and in happiness! He made my job meaningful, graceful and beautiful!

    Homemaking, chatting it up with the kids and cooking made being a Nanny so easy, but cuddling with the dog was the best moments in such a huge house. In fact the happiest thoughts, the good laughs and important moments were when Buster and I went on our walks even though I always asked the kids to come with me, but they had other things to do...... 
It's been a learning experience seeing life through Mary Poppins eyes! How grateful I am for learning what is important to me in creating such a magical life!
The soft warm evening light greeted me as I jumped off those huge big rock steps going out the front door of their mansion on my last day as a Nanny, I was left thinking instead of a umbrella I will settle for my car to take me away......for my job is done and I'm meant to move on.....
Yet I will always love that dog Sweet Buster with all of my heart!

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