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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Irrigation Day

Yesterday I walked around my backyard to such a dry hard ground, thin weary looking leaves on the trees and hardly no more lilacs....Rather sad I thought. My time being away from home is clearly seen! My poor thirsty neglected land is happy I am staying home today! (In fact I hope to really slow down my jobs to just simply be HOME more this summer)

I am irrigating today, so that magic spark is back!

I love my water days, I love seeing all my beloved trees drink!

I am still planning and not sure yet how I want my rock garden to look.....last summer's water bill was a big surprise but I kept it well soaked and things grew beautifully! yet this year I am thinking of better planning on saving water yet looking great too.....
I just NEED to be home to get these jobs done!

During watering days my chickens complain so much, but my dogs run and splash all around happily ever after in this fun place!
Of course my cats come inside and nap on my messy bedding as I run all around with a shovel to manipulate the water flow

THIS is MY favorite season! THIS is Irrigation Day!   

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