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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

Today I was thrilled to see May arrive! I've been colder in April then I can ever remember with rainy, windy, even sprinkling snow! I was super busy in April so I hope to be less busy in May....
Life is far more beautiful in May with tulips and daffodils fully bloomed! I love to be outside, love to be home and love to capture each season fully! Yet being blown away in this wind has me SUPER happy that today is May Day, the first of the month getting closer to sweet summer time, summer time!
I am currently making lunch every day for an elderly couple that struggle with Alzheimer's for the next couple of weeks. As I've always been good in cooking and helping out, I really like looking through old photo albums because it brings memories back for them together, not always clear but they do tell good stories. I was bird watching and identifying names with a handbook with the husband and playing dominoes with the wife. A lovely couple living with their grown kid who needed someone to cook them a main meal for lunch. I have been traveling through time to the 1950 or 60's with them over cabbage soup and fresh baked biscuits! 
Changing the calender today to May was a magical picture of tulips that the elderly mother really loved even showed me her own tulips growing outside and I thought of how happy I was to see spring too!
May is the month for really getting into the soil, for more sun light among the flowers and for promising warmer days ahead! I've missed the heat, the sweat and the taste of BBQ.......I've missed my own grandparents lately and truly delight in borrowing someone else! 
Over this past weekend especially I am reminded how fast we can age and how important it is to be strong, to be wise and watchful. 
Today is the time to dance with arms wide open for the earth is waking up and the butterflies want to fly by!

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