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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Flower Day

Last night was smelling truly AMAZING against the warm bright early evening sun so I dug into my empty pots!
I also threw the ball around for the dogs, I brushed out each cat and left the door open for those pets to come in or out as they please while I set out potting soil, tools and some new flowers!

The music kept me singing and the warmth of the whole experience brought me such joy in dirty finger tips!

I needed to remember my life isn't so crazy after all, it isn't always out of my hands in what can get done and what will have to wait......I have the power to set up my own personal "Garden date":-D

I LOVE where I live, where there is such room to garden, truly room to grow!  and I really want to bring in more life to all the things I do!

I want to create huge flower gardens for the birds and butterflies, I even have a sunny good spot for my all my herbs and most importantly I realize that all I need is TIME to get it actually planted and set up!
Caring over elderly people lately makes me seek out time with a shooting panic and a understanding how important it is to manage my time wisely!

I am trying to get my panic under control....Like for example; this morning the dogs needed out earlier then usual and so they pushed against my side of the bed and I was startled awake!  This event left my heart bounding over my sudden thoughts as i let them outside and saw what a nice day it will be! I began to think more and more about not having enough time to get all the gardens in! About how busy I am and wondering how can I slow down? It has to be a personal choice to set good priorities and make a plan!

I love how LIFE is living each day and hoping to reach each picture of your mind's eye to complication! 
Nothing helps more then sharing some flowers or getting them into those empty pots when you need to slow down and cheer up a bit!

Thankgoodness for the ever amazing and long lasting marigolds to calm my race against time!

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