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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dying Day

Yesterday's protest in Seattle Washington looked unorganized to me as I read about it over my coffee cup in the soft early sun light, for they protested against the police, against the poor working wages, the lack of jobs and also the over national growing fear in really all kinds of things, I can understand them and why they protest yet I felt so sad. 
Then as President Obama declared yesterday a holiday for "loyalty" I smirked to myself for it's not loyalty from the employer that the day represented
We are very unorganized as Americans to stand up for the "working class" in a protest like yesterday. I honestly believe working is over rated in our country, for to work is to brag in this country on a whole other personal level of pride in giving your life over to pay checks and to country.........I can't buy into this message. I see greed, control and power as the drive in America so yesterday's news hung over my heart and mind today.
I can also see some people want to change that mind-set, but just like drinking a can of soda every single day we are unorganized and unhealthy in our old routines to be ready for a real battle.

I set out lunch for the elderly couple at noon on the dot. I sliced my freshly baked corn bread so they could butter it themselves as we talked. They are kind, they are easily confused but I keep note of only one soda per day or else they would have the case gone by dinner. 

Interesting, I think soda is for those who would never dream of tasting alcohol their way of an "escape"...leaving the sugars from soda pop to attack the inner workings of the brain. I can serve and watch over but I am taking note all at the same time, I liked playing a board game with them this afternoon but after 30 minuets I casually wrap it up since they grow weary and more confused. Making new friends like them is easy and delightful, but as I drove away to make it in time for my nanny job to start on the other end of the treasure valley I cried. 
For this song played over the radio as I drove along the freeway and since I've already been sad by the average American worker struggling so much, sad by the average elderly person being in and out of the doctor's office, sad by the kids getting out of school with even more homework to do or some sport practice to attend.....
I embraced THIS SONG;

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