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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

 When I think over the last decade in my life, I can smile big for having that one of a kind mother-in-law, Jo Ann or as I've call her for the last 14 years "Mom", She is also known as Mama Jojo. I can still remember the very first time I ever met her, she drove up in brand new blue VW bug blaring the radio and swiping off her sun glasses as she entered the fruit stand to hunt down one of her sons working along with me there. She shook my hand very briefly almost not even focused on me as she moved about. I was struck by the fact she was extremely young for having 2 almost grown sons, when she laughed while talking to them it was loud and full of heart. 

She was gone as fast she had stop by there was never a long goodbye with her in fact I learned right away, the very first phone conversation I had with her struck me by surprised when instead of suggesting a goodbye she simply was done and hung up with a fast "Okay bye" I laugh now because I didn't take it personal back then but found it different in how long my own mother took saying goodbye. I admired Jo Anne from the second time we met and she told this huge exciting story while using words like "Asshole and bitch" when I wasn't use to such dialogue yet in really surprised me again! She was young and full of energy unlike most mothers I knew at the time, my future mother-in-law will often say that she grew up WITH my husband her first born son, he was born an old soul and she always knew one day he would be lawyer as well!

 Mama Jojo is the kind of woman who is not afraid to dance in public, not afraid to sing really loudly or include strangers walking by into our debates or discussions. She would be the first one to protest if a woman was being disrespected, if a customer was being rude. Her self confidence and her desire to have fun go hand in hand, from table dancing to pole swinging I have seen her do it all! When I was younger I was in awe of her bravery, her spot on wit and cleverness wondering if I will be like her when I reach her age? Because she is sophisticated, she is both modern and provocative, full of creativity and perfection! I have found such a safe place being with her over the years. Her excitement, her craziness and her over all adventures with life make knowing her all the more interesting and enjoyable.....when we disagree or argue it often feels like nothing is taken wrong, nothing is lost in our open honesty for we have learned over the many years how to communicate better and I really really like that about getting older and sharing life's time in the same family.

My mother-in-law is a fun person, opinionated and classy, she is out going and she is true laughter! I love her for all that she is and shines with! From her perfectly hand crafted valentines to her amazing cocktails, from her quoting Jon Stewart to her thrilling looks as she starts up for a good discussion! Happy Mothers day to such a woman who raised my husband to be so thoughtful, kind, compassionate and aware of EVERY single issue a woman faces in today's world for she did a great job! I'm honored to be in the family and to relax on her patio while she shares the latest in spa treatments or womanly concerns for I truly, deeply love everything about her!

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