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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Photo Day

When it comes to my family, I like what I have created and choose to make important in my own personal time....My pets! I would think how fun having 4 puppies and 4 kittens to grow up together in my home would be over the last few years and now somehow the events unfolded to have 3 grown cats and 3 grown dogs, They all get along, they all cuddle, trust and like each other....if the cats need time out from one another then in this big home it's easy to separate for a break:-) Over this past mothers day weekend I hung up my new pictures of these creatures who decorate my everyday life! I love them so much!

Oscar and Tinker grew up together, they were the first to our family and so they have this bond, this connection unlike with any other pet. Tinker is my most difficult cat, most spoiled and entitled. She has her own bedroom now simply because she demands her own peaceful space at times (kinda like her "Daddy" too) Oscar and Tinker are both 6 years old right life was made better on the day they arrived!

Sweet little Sidda is one of the most amazing dogs I have! She is extremely smart, sweetly snuggles and loves to keep me in her sight even when she is napping. Lewis also keeps me in his sight as much as possible especially at night he loves to lay right on me for cuddling. He doesn't trust just anyone but when I speak to him, he melts like butter into my arms. If I am not carrying around Sidda then I must be holding a cat....

I think Minnie is the happiest dog in my family pure contentment and gratefulness in each and every moment. She will lay next to any of the cats without a second look, I trust her completely with anyone even crazy kids for she is pure chill, pure happiness and a really good dog!
Jazzy is the newest family member, in such perfect timing she came into my life and melted my heart instantly! She is a 3 year old cat, who wants to be a dog at times and She can make friends with ANYONE almost instantly! 
(I think my black cat Lewis is her "boyfriend" for they look so in-love with each other all the time)
When it comes to my wall of photos, I'm a proud Mama!

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