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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Passion

Easter was just this past Sunday so I thought I would try to watch the movie "The Passion of Christ" because when Mel Gibson brought to the box office in 2004 I laughed out loud saying "No Christians I knew would support it. It's not for hollywood to tell the story! No one will be happy about this."
THEN suddenly everyone, I do mean EVERYONE even my own Husband were talking about it! I was left truly surprised by it all in the end, for some people loved it and some people really hated it. I decided not to participate in these debates so I avoided ever watching it. I had grown up christian sooo THAT was enough of the story for me!
Yet every Easter I've notice how I don't like this holiday more and more, must be the older I it's good to have friends with kids to keep me hiding eggs of candy and dressing up into flowers! 
But it's the message of Easter that will always leave me shaking my head sadly.......a rather strange message to be celebrating!
Why did everyone or most everyone seem to like this film? It's so gross and bloody and well I will be completely honest it was Discussing to me! I could never go back to being a christian now having watched this film! I would feel gross all over as if blood, brains and human flesh was stuck to my fingers.....because that is the message Christianity tells was OUR fault and OUR sin and OUR guilt that THIS...This barbaric torture befalls Jesus! DEAR GOD I am so deeply sorry to have been apart of this religion after watching this film! YET it is because of my past that I wanted to watch it now a decade later..for this is a story I know forwards and backwards. The plays at church capture it far better then this movie (Once again Hollywood ruins the real thing) 
I am a different person then 10 years ago when this hit the Media frenzy! AND I am a far different person then 20 years ago when I was thinking Jesus HAD to die in order to rid this world of sin.....odd to look back seeing how different knowledge and life experiences will change me so in another 10 years this movie will be forgotten I am sure, my reaction was first to be angered that they cheapen Jesus's life to only focus on his sick death but then again that is where the drama is for a good film. I need to be aware that this is not my faith anymore so I can't be so personally insulted. For It is a poorly done movie, with very bad acting and ridiculous scary scenes, I thought it was full of gore, full of stupid people and the wrong message from Jesus's whole life! Even a simple issue like Salvation was completely misplaced and the Jews I know today are not that ugly.......What a let down film!
    SO If I was sleeping the garden after a big ass feast like the last super to find Jesus had woke me up to warn me acting as crazy as he was in the very first scene of this movie I would have shot awake replying "Holy Shit, he has flipped out now! Should we even be following this guy around? I mean really what is up with him moaning and groaning against the trees all sweaty in that creepy mist over there?.....ya know.....
maybe it's NOT my place to ask!"  

True to form REAL life can't be capture in a Hollywood movie! And we can't be changing the bible stories for our own purpose, although we do! Everyone has their own faiths and their own translations of the same bibles stories. Even Mel Gibson's idea of his faith and his church came through in this film. Now I like that I can create my own stories, for my passion is over how one lives not how one dies! 
I am glad that I gave this movie a try, this crazy messed up film! For now I know that it's not something I would ever watch again, NOR will I even recommend it! 
It's simple gross and weird!!! (NOT the story of Jesus that I remember as a child....Soooooo to each their own!)
Just as with my least favored Holiday Easter, we can run and play in the first spring like sunshine or go to church or get a basket full of goodies or eat some chocolate bunnies! It rather up to our own choice like in telling a story.....we can make it beautiful or bloody.....for WE are the story tellers, we have the power to make it a crown of thorns or a crown of flowers!
Praise be to Spring!

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