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Sunday, April 21, 2013


It hasn't been open every long here in Boise Idaho, Dave & Busters. It is like stepping into Vegas or a high class Chucky Cheese. It's by far cleaner then Pojos or Game world. It isn't as far to drive as Jackpot Nevada nor as time consuming as the state Fair. But it is wild and loud, there are TV screens the size of a drive--in movie theater, music playing over all the sounds of the video games and slot machines. Everything works with a slide card that you put money on and then go play, even cocktails get delivered to you at your game station of choice by a the bush of a button. Score Tickets pile up on the floor and you put those ticket points back on your game sliding card at the end. I for one am AMAZED at how easy it is to play!  
My husband Tony loves this place more then I would have ever thought, he loves the pirate game the best and dropping coins to push more coins down the shoot is fun to watch as well. Last night I got hooked on the Black Jack spin wheel. I won more then ever before on a game and we cheered together as I felt like I had figured it out in how to win.....If you go to Dave & Buster you need to be well rested and well organized knowing it will be a loud fun kid like place only full of adults with big bright colored cocktails! It is flashy and showy, it is crowded and crazy but if you understand that going in then it is a really fun place to hang out!
The food choices are good, I always try to eat wisely knowing I need a good source of protein and fat to help the alcohol sugars from taking me down fast. I really enjoy watching others play games as I sip on my gin&tonics, it's so entertaining to watch and learn or cheer! For I LOVE cheering, giving out high-five to those who hit the jackpot. The whole place is energetic, friendly and fun all around. Last night my cousins got to see this place too and so we all made it a party, out on the town for game coins and tickets, for laughs and bright flashy lights!
I don't think I could ever got back to Chucky Cheese after discovering this new place!

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