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Friday, April 5, 2013

Planting Flowers

These last few days have been wonderful outside to get into the dirt! I am excited to have my front door and pathway done soon with color and some bird feeders in front of the front living room window. I have a hundred ideas, a hundred projects and a certain confidence that it will all get done! But it takes time, strength and organization to complete my imagination of gardens, of flower corners and cleaned pathways full of beauty!

My front yard is often shaded all summer day long until the evening then there's a few hours of hot sun light sneaking in under the trees.
My flowers of choice right now are primroses, they are vibrant against the plain cold March days. As we are now moving into April this is a flower full of bloom! Primroses enjoy the cool temperatures and shine before most anything else out there.

This is how I am planting along my sidewalk;

1. Dig out old dirt and weeds, clear the space.
2. Lay down thick newspaper. 
3. Pile on potting soil mixed into the soil over the newspaper.
4. Plant some colorful flowers!

Planting flowers is just the first step to welcoming in the days of  gardening and being outside more!

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