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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Constant Adventures!

When I stop to think about it, when I get to sit by the flames of the fire pit or a burning pile of garden trimmings, of broken brush I see into the yellow bright warm flames...I stop to watch them, drawn in like magic for I see my life!
I have been moving my arts and crafts upstairs since our roommate has moved out back at the first of this month, It has taken a lot longer then I had first thought to recreate the new space into a magical girlie room, but it is now officially mine! When I stop to think about it, good sleep and a cozy quiet home has been the main focus in this month for me, it is honestly quite magical for I am ever so thankful for my own home!
It is a constant adventure simply living, learning and growing! For I had sent our roommate off with many hopeful wishes that they will like their new place, and I was hoping they would be very happy together there. Suddenly they were on my mind the other day as I wondered how everything was going for them.....THEN I was pleasantly surprised when they contacted us to come hang out! How awesome is that? I like all my constant adventures in watching life unfold! They have such a lovely home with a new friendly dog and big backyard room for gardens and fire pit! So last night in the spring warm evening hanging out, visiting and catching up with them around fire was magical! While we laughed, drank beer, and talked about gardening I thought how good it was to see them again! How nice of them to invite and open up their new home for us, I liked hearing about all their new plans for the place and simply visiting was delightful! Once again my life is full of connections and possibilities, of good friends and good times!  It really was such an inspiring time and as we went home my husband said "Hard to believe he had just moved out the first of THIS month seems like a long time ago....I also think he's changed having his own space for he was defiantly more out going." I chuckled simply shaking my head at my husband who is usually cynical about these kind of social events. I could tell he seemed relieved that when we had been sitting around the fire all together it wasn't ever awkward. When I stop to think about it as the fire was burning I was delighted to be there! Because last night in the soft glowing light as we chatted, as we sat together visiting, laughing and sharing under that wide open starry sky with our old roommates....we all became new friends!
......and I love, completely love such constant adventures as these!

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