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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Guest Room

I have always LOVED having a guest room! It's a big part of my homemaking and planning to have an extra bed somewhere in my mind for my home. I often think about how I would feel visiting someone and having my own bed or comfy corner to sleep good is important.
 Back in my condo days when my cousin came to visit I got an air mattress for him but then we had no living room to sit so we went out instead for his one night stay. In my cottage days the guest room was also the pet room, the girlie room and the storage room so rather crowded. 
But in my home right now over the last few weeks I've been working up in my attic with my arts and crafts and my photo albums.....among boxes of things I hadn't look at in a few years I finally got it all organized! Upstairs among the beaded necklaces and colored pencils I would get lost in front of the heat dish for warmth as the crazy wind blows outside hanging up my costumes, unwrapping old framed pictures and petting the cat! It was rather a messy place as I slowly moved in......magically the room became THE best guest room I have EVER had! 
So now when my cousin visits tonight he won't have an air mattress pinched between book shelves, insetad he will have his very own space! I am so proud and so excited to have company! Although he may have to watch his step down those sleek stairs as I do now:-}



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