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Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Breakfast

Every single morning of my life is importantly focused on food. I love to brew and drink coffee of course but it is my breakfast, my most FAVORITE meal of the whole day that keeps my focus. Just a couple of days ago my husband had to be rushed off to his office as I realized we were out of eggs and meats to cook up for breakfast. So I excitedly started thinking how we could grab a bite to eat, if i don't eat my hearty full breakfast then the rest of the day is a struggle to pull weeds or walk the dogs with hardly any energy I am not ready for all i take on until I have my breakfast. 
I will NOT skip breakfast even if that means swinging through a fast food joint. When we went to Portland last fall my hubby made a paleo fast food breakfast sandwich for on the go and I LOVED how tasty and satisfying it was! 
So here I was ordering breakfast through the speaker "We need 2 sausage breakfast sandwich and 4 hash browns." My husband tosses the biscuits and layers the meat and egg between the has browns. IT is AMAZING and I waited in shock as the clerk through the speaker said "We've stop serving breakfast, sorry." I stared at the bright morning sun light and I helplessly looked to my husband for was 10:31AM. We were so stunned that we didn't get would be an odd day all around for not having any breakfast but honestly when did breakfast get cut off by 10am???? Shouldn't breakfast be served till NOON??? It's a FAST FOOD place for goodness sake! All those boxes of foods are stored in the freezer until we order then cooked in a microwave or dropped into boiling oil. It's not made fresh from scratch as a impatient customer I get this.....I am hungry and to lazy to go to the store for what I know is a much healthier better breakfast at home! 10:31AM was all I could say as we drove away, my hubby went off for awhile about how stupid that whole thing was. He would be chasing food all day never getting anything until late that night when I made a taco salad for him. SURELY breakfast is the most important step to getting out in the day, in completing projects and being smart.
I'm reminded of Michel Douglas, as he blew up the fast food joint when they also stated that they don't serve breakfast one minuet after the cut-off time. He calmly gets his guns out and shoots up the place for such stupidity! It was in that movie "Falling Down" YET a very understandable situation:-) I made a really great breakfast this morning thinking of how glad I am that my kitchen doesn't have a schedule! HA!

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