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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Fawkes

Fawkes is the name of my red sparkling dragon. I just found him yesterday while browsing a second odd that I had just wrote about my love for dragons, here in front of me in the store was a nice looking cheap needed fixed up sculpture!
(My life is magical like this....everything is connected and I noticed it more after having wrote first about my thoughts, this helps me pay attention to things I would have skipped over otherwise) I think Fawkes looks better all cleaned up! I used olive oil to clean the dust out of his scaly texture. I also glued a marble ball to finish his look and help display him better. Dragons are magical, they can be mean or nice so I shall say my Fawkes is a very nice dragon protecting my home and hanging out upstairs mostly....Of course when I am gone I imagine he will fly around taunt the cats for a laugh and watch over the home with his mystical powers! For he has such a sense of duty and honor as a cozy home dragon:-D

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