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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The State Capital

Yesterday I walked all through out downtown Boise Idaho, ÁLL through out the State Capital too. Having my Cousin Henry visiting over this weekend has kept me on my feet! (He loves visiting the Capital) He also knows the Government system and all it's rules, he can talk with and meet new people there in one hand shake and a smile. He is in his lament giving tours and lectures on how it all works from floor to floor. (He was reminding me of our Papa Rudy, who always could talk and joke with strangers so naturally) My cousin came alive in the Capital and I learned so much for the afternoon! 
 Of course the place got me reminiscing of when my own times spent there, of my Mother taking us kids there for those Homeschooling events. It was called "Cherry Pie days" when the mothers all served slices of pie and coffee to the legislators in hopes to secure homeschooling practices. but I simply liked wearing my dresses, being on my best behavior with good manners while wandering up and down all the marble stairways. As a little girl I would easily imagine being a princess in a castle on those long boring afternoons, as a teenager I would lock arms with my other girlfriends wandering again in and out of all the floors, chatting and giggling it up. There were also those rare family visits while I was growing up that my father would take us all to the state Capital. Those Aunts, Uncles and Cousins would pile into the building with us for a long afternoon tour. It also was impressionable for me to take note that the red carpet room was the Senate, and the blue carpet room was the House. I sat in both places as a kid trying to not get confused or bored watching them vote. I remember trying to sit still, trying to not get restless especially if my father was watching! He would sneak up and bop me on the back of the head if I was moving in my seat to much! It was so important to me not to get hit so I learned how to sit still and be respectful at a very young age. The Capital kinda reminded me of church actually only there was no singing as they voted. As a kid growing up among this building I paid close attention to the Red carpet, Blue carpet, creepy headless angel statue or the man on a horse all in gold....yet now as an adult I can choose how much time I will be spending reading all that history.  
Boise isn't complete without the Capital, it's the familiar backdrop to looking downtown. While the outside world changes, the chaos of the news or of all the politics disrupting the everyday life, there is a sense of classiness and a sense of respect within those walls of the State Capital.....I for one really like looking up into it's magical marble structure from the bottom floor, it's one of those views that has always stayed the same!

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