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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The NO Products Lady

As I got my hair cut, I mentioned about having some bangs not quite like Michelle Obama those bangs of hers are WAY to serious for me! I just wanted some maybe even shorter hair all around. As my friend asked what I use in my hair, I decide not to shy away from the simple fact it has been a full year now of using....NOTHING.
"Your hair is so healthy and soft...what do you use?" She asked as I cleared my throat to ponder how to answer back. "Not much of anything, maybe I'll scrub it with baking soda and apple cider vinegar IF dirt or spiders get in after gardening but actually I use nothing." I waited wondering if I should have shared this much. She exclaimed "Oh that's right you are the "No products" friend, I remember now!" She didn't scream or jump away from me in horror as some people have done. I chuckled happily realizing being honest is such a refreshed feeling once again. 
NO products, it's really such a wonderful good life full of natural oils and natural healthy smells.....(My husband has never said that I stink so now that I have gone off of products completely using only pure oils I feel much cleaner and in fact he says I smell even more amazing then ever before!)
Coconut oil is my most FAVORITE for replacing conditioner or for replacing any other kind of lotion. Because coconut oil is a anti-microbial/anti-viral oil, along side using tea tree oil, peppermint oil and lavender oil I don't ever need any store bought chemically made product! I am very happy with my new way of life in getting clean! I think that video clip called "The story of Stuff' changed my choices several years ago but in the last year I made a stronger commitment to not using products anymore.
When I was first married I noticed how oddly people looked at me for not wearing much make-up, for not picking out a perfume I liked. (My Lavender was simply hard to replace:-D) Walking into a salon with my mother-in-law in those early years, was a fun experience but when I said "I don't like hair products." The whole room gasped in alarm from my statement and then the lady working on my hair gave me a long lecture on how she never goes out of her house without her hair done. It was very bushy curly and stuck up all around her face as she seemed to find me not natural. I look back with a laugh now in remembering but at the time I did buy these products in hopes to "Fit in" or have nice curly hair's nice now to have learn about all these hair products causing cancer or actual hair lost in 20 or more years of usage for I don't WANT to "fit in" anymore! I want to live with strength in every part of my body in 20 years from now so now is the time to warn people especially women of how easy it is to be a NO product lady! Making your own deodorant is easy, brushing your teeth with no sugar toothpaste is also as important. Taking vitamin D, vitamin C and extra fat like in Coconut oil has strengthen my teeth, along side the occasional oil pulling and active charcoal my whole mouth is AMAZINGLY healthy.
These result of not buying or using products have left my skin, my eyes and teeth sparkling! Even my hair smells like lavender or coconut all the time so how could you ever go wrong with that?
I am the proud no product woman now after all I have read and played with.....
It doesn't freak me out the odd looks or quick judgements I get for sharing, If the whole of society would changed to no products then it would NOT stink so much out there of artificial chemicals causing cancers....

For this I personally believe "You are not really clean until you can smell fresh air when you walk with yourself."

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