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Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Surprise Fall

Every single night has a routine, I am often on top of washing dishes so that they dry through the night because I like my kitchen to be clean for breakfast the next morning, My routine stays pretty much the same night to night of letting my dogs out and letting my cats in. I lock doors and check on each animal. My husband hates getting into bed last, chances are that he won't have a good spot. I have to check every water bowl, every litter box, every cat dish this is set up high from my dogs. I have a routine of fluffing every pillow, of picking up/organizing everything in each room. Lights out often takes a few minuets from me doing these chores. So the other night I went upstairs to brush out Tinker and check on her water supply. She is my socially awkward cat.... Every night at midnight she would freaks out running through the house which startled us awake. But ever since I made her a place upstairs to sleep, she likes taking a break from everyone (especially playful Jazzy). Now she goes upstairs for bed each night, I went up with her to let her know she is still loved. Every night I do this, I also check the side door for my black cat to come in and then I carry my silver cat on my shoulders while locking doors. The dogs come in all at once and get into bed. My nights are cozy sometimes holding 5 animals at once in my bedding before I even hit my pillow.
"Good night Tinker Stinker....You sleep well." I had finished brushing her out and fluffing up her bedding. She is a huge cat with bright blue eyes and purring while I gave her attention. I can't smother her with kisses like I do the other 2 cats because she hates it. I turned down these stairs without a second thought...there was no warning to my sudden fall. I was wearing smooth blue socks when usually i would have been bare foot. The fact the second step was there for a second then gone threw me down into the door! By total shock and surprise I squealed as I realized there was NO ground. NO balance to check myself in a graceful move. I went down on my back and hip only to keep falling while my hand reached out for support. It was so scary to fall! It was so powerless to know this is going to hurt badly! I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream but I knew that would only terrify my husband more who came running the second he heard me hit down. Falling is in your head a slow motion thought, an action that your body moves fast but your mind sees it all slowly.....I didn't brake anything but I had to open the door to get my ankle out. It is hard to believe that I fell, I had to sit at the last step awhile to check my body over......The alarming look on my husband's face was how he said we should go to the ER and have them look me over. But I just chuckled shaking my head that I don't want to do that.....catching my breath and calming my shaking hands. The human body is so easily challenged, so in the moment of falling I realized just how powerless against gravity we really are! I went to bed shortly after checking my new bruises. My husband banded me from doing hard laboring projects for the next day, I couldn't sleep very well for as I began to drift off I felt like I was falling and woke in a jolt! Falling taught me to be more careful of course, it also reminded me to stay focused on being healthy for when we get older there are more situations in which we will fall down and might not get back up so quickly.
My surprise fall was scary, I hope to prevent that in the future having learned now not to fly around the house just before bed.

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