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Monday, April 8, 2013

My Dragons

I have always admired and been attracted to dragons, any fairy tale follower would actually! I have enjoyed watching the awesome TV drama "Game of Thrones"....such depth, such mystery and such fantasy even WITH some dragons! 
Again Fantasy movies are my guilty pleasure! If they have a dragon in the story then I am hooked for sure!

A dragon can be so many different things in a story, like the dragon with a dog's face in the movie "The never ending story." or the evil scary dragons in those "Lord of the Ring" trilogy.

I like the idea of how we all have "Dragons" inside of us, we can "slay them" or "train them" to work WITH us in this life.....
I think the power of dragons are amazing, but the actual frame of such a beast with wings is almost a graceful, magical strength! The vibrant colors, those deep eyes and scary teeth go hand in hand when I think about how AWESOME dragons are!
It is true that I can be a "butterfly" girl in everyday life,YET during a battle I want to be a DRAGON! HA!

There is a certain powerful magic in looking at a dragon, a picture or a sculpture comes to life with this awe-inspiring fear and bravery!

There is a dragon for each human emotion, for each human frailty, for each human conquest.  Even the Chinese culture have "the year of the dragon" which was just LAST year if I remember right. (They also have "The year of the Rat" But I wouldn't want to think about it YIKES give me a dragon over a rat ANY day!)

If I could have a pet dragon much like the animated movie "How to train your dragon" then I would be living most of my life up in the sky along the clouds. As every night we cuddled down deep to sleep against the one blow fire pit....we live happily ever after my dragon and I! 

At least until the next fairy tale story is written.......

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