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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Constant Question

    When it comes to good health I am very aware how lacking it is in my community....I can simply look at person and know if they are well or healthy (NOT to feed my own ego here but I love this topic, here's to GOOD health Everyone!)
I have been passionately interested in the human body, the human brain and our over all emotional functions. YET in the last 2 years I finally "Clicked on", for the years before that 
"Ah HA!" moment I was struggling to find good health. There is this Constant Question;  
"What are you eating again? You look great!" 
I've lost weight after 30 years in this journey for GOOD HEALTH. A friend of mine stated that she thought I had become a "healer" on a spiritual level along side what we eat. I told her it's all connected what we eat every single day to how we feel tomorrow. It's ALL connected even "genetics" come from what our parents ate while creating us! I see it all now in such honesty, It's rather simple to connect the dots for why bad health is so common. What people eat is like what God they pray to, it's NOT up for debate. Yet here they are sick and sicker, dying young is where we are in all honesty it make me sad AND is why I speak out now. For if you make it to 60 in today's world that is impressive! Chances are you had a surgery or a "Close call" to death by then though. Currently I have noticed that the government and authorities are cracking down on people who claim to know more then their own doctors. LET ME BE CLEAR I am not a healer, not a doctor nor am I Jesus. For Jesus healed and worked miracles in the bible remember? He understood nutrition no doubt! Well even back then his government got him in the end too!
 GOOD HEALTH is like WORLD PEACE to me! 
I can go into details better in person about all of this, I feel like even blogging about it isn't a safe thing to do anymore. I think if we pay attention to what we eat then we conquer sickness and early death. It's a positive outcome simply paying attention and educating your own self. Doctors don't have all the answers nor do they have any real powers in healing. They can be helpful of course but the real over all healing powers are in yourself for it is your own body that you will be living with the rest of your life. Simply by what you eat could be a long lasting life or a short one. 
THE choice for good health is YOURS.....and that is a wonderful discovery!
I love my life! I love my good health! I love learning and knowing now how to eat and how to fight sickness! I feel stronger in my day to last longer, I am alert and peaceful....I follow through all my projects, get the jobs done and still feel very happy! I call myself primal, it's a form of the paleo life style, being primal while still learning info on vitamins and minerals brings me full circle to a basic way of life. I have NEVER been this healthy!
For you are what you eat
Most people think getting sick is beyond themselves, like a humbling experience for thinking they were healthy. I ask a different question "WHAT have you been eating?" THEN you will find how you got sick. It's simple germs are not the enemy for if you have good health germs bounce right off of you. You have to be strong, healthy and know what you eat. In each mineral or vitamin is a "Blue print" to fight off sickness, you are not the victim, YOU are the victor! 
I guess I could get sick if I don't keep a clean home, if I don't open windows or step outside for fresh air. 
I could get sick if I don't get enough sleep or struggle in high stress situations. I could get sick if I ate the kind of food that hold bad bacterias or the food has NO natural value. 
I could get sick if I push my body to work when it wasn't ready or if I put myself around more sick people. 
 Taking my vitamins, eating healthy and resting are all great tips to avoid getting sick. It comes down to a very simple fact that I am NOT afraid of ever being sick anymore! Not afraid or stressed out about it helps me get through a 2nd winter season NOT sick at all! So just like with cancer that fear of things happening to me beyond my control no longer exist! 
Again I am not a doctor (thankgod
I am a basic human full of knowledge, full of magic and most importantly full of good health tips with endless happiness to share!  
My own constant question is "Why didn't I know all of this before? Is it really this GOOD to be alive?"

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