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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Constant Gardener

Today I was invited to a Garden club! 
I was super excited to meet the new ladies of course. It's true that I have always been a constant gardener, This picture to the right was of my first gardening attempts in my condo, the hanging plant was super hard to keep watered in that heated sun...Oye! do I remember that! But I love trying new things and learning from just going for it all the while waiting and watching to see what happens next...Gardening is magical like that!
 Sharing in this afternoon with these ladies older and wiser in gardening just made my day!
     For making new friends is so inspiring! Talking about gardening is even more so! The ladies were all very nice, I enjoyed listening and laughing for I believe there is this good center of energy and comfort in being among women, especially wise and educated gardeners! I truly do believe that every woman wants a friend and a mentor it just the insecurities of computation that some ladies are much harder to be around then others. So in my Garden Club the rich, vibrant, graceful confidence of these ladies were very refreshing! The comments of my being so young and yet knowing a few things in growing made me smile and chuckle because I've been seeking out such knowledge from back in my  early 20's when in my very first apartment I planted bulbs all along the weedy driveway and the neighbor said while out for a smoke "I've never seen a 22 year old plant anything, or even give a shit." I waved my small hand shovel in the air while replying back "Well I DO!" then I laughed shaking my head.
If I really go back in time my memory holds this constant gardener growing up in me.  Looking back it all makes sense and here I sat today feeling at home in a new garden club!
 Niel Young's song "Heart of Gold" came to mind as well, for I'm searching and seeking out people of depth, of wisdom and of being real. A heart of gold is the best treasure in having a life long friend. 
 (Amazingly easy to find when you know where to look by the way) Like for an example; LOOK for those hearts and souls in a garden as they grow things worth far more then gold!

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  1. How wonderful, a gardening club. I'm a bit jealous!