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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Constant Tunes

Whenever our emotions change and move, whenever I'm alone there is a constant tune I hear either from memory or from the radio playing. I like and live beside music daily.....just like how I live with myself. These human emotions and constant mind moving thoughts come into organization by the sound of music.
I like to joke, to be playful in hearing a word someone will say that belongs in a familiar song.....It's a constant fun thing to do and whenever I did this sorta of thing around my teenaged brothers they will usually just stare at me blankly like I am the odd ball they had always thought me to be. The internet makes finding a constant tune in my head possible so I like to share it and dance to it even grabbing one of my brothers to twirl with me...but again these are my constant tunes in my own head for my brothers are usually annoyed. Whenever I hear a song I think about it in comparison to my own life and memories. THIS makes music a powerful thing, dancing helps release that energy it creates and gives forth such a joyful emotion.
My constant tunes will follow me all through out this life time......I am glad and grateful for them.
I like to sing, to be in my own world. I get looks, I get teased and I get judged but I don't care nor does it ruin my day.....there is always going to be the sound of music that no one can take away. It is personal for me to carry the fire, the hope and love with every musical tune that greets my mornings!

For when I am sad I sing with tears,
For when I am mad I sing with loudness,
For when I am glad I sing with smiles,
For when I am, I sing with all of these...........

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