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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Constant Coffee

I was 17 years old when I had my first cup of coffee more like melted "ICE CREAM" a machine made cappuccino  with coffee flavor at a truck stop...Never the less I was hooked on the cozy smell and sugary taste of earthy beans. Then as I grew older my tasted buds matured to loving and craving straight up BLACK coffee. To this day I am very basic in loving my coffee, public places can easily mess up the simple brewing, I will order a latte to avoid the bitter quick way they brew coffee. If it's stale, if it's old or has been sitting in the brew pot all day long I can taste it in my cup instantly. So at a coffee shop more often then not I order a drink they can make freshly....NOT all coffee shops have bad black coffee but I now know which ones do in the Boise area. The creamy heavy breve latte is now my "Safe zone" to public outings. For I love drinking those!
When I was a barista I found foaming milk to be the most therapeutic part of my job! Life is busy in a coffee shop but when you steam and foam milk everything pauses for a second and you take pride in such dense creaminess...Half and Half milk also known as Breve once it is steamed, makes THE best foam and those milk fats created a truly wonderful latte!
I couldn't imagine going back to soy or almond milk again. My breve is one of those events that makes going out from home to get coffee very special.
  My coffee at home is freshly grounded every morning, the french press has been apart of the boiling water in the kettle on the stove but in the last couple of months our new percolator has changed everything! What AMAZING good coffee it makes! Even at the double amount of our french press, I am finding setting it up to be very easy and freeing my stove up for scrambled eggs all the more faster. COFFEE is my very first thing each and every morning to make, the scent fills the home and relaxes me instantly. Often I am woke up by the dogs pouncing on me to go outside and so as I leave the door open they run back forth while I brew coffee with Jazzy the skinny loving cat on my shoulder purring....THIS is why I love to make coffee:-D
Waking up isn't such a struggle for me, not like it had been a decade ago when I ate poorly and kept weird hours. Coffee is the constant step in keeping me moving until all my morning chores are done then I sit down in the living room to whatever podcast my husband is already listening to with a cup of coffee in hand.... 
        There is nothing more comforting to me then that constant coffee while waking up, while feeding the brain a strong balance a warm breakfast and a warm beverage to help face the rest of the day. 
Coffee is the first taste of a happy good day!

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