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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Constant Beauty

When I think of the constant beauty of Idaho, I think of how moving away would be so hard (unless I moved to the coast) I love pine trees and trails just as much as I love the wide open sand. Idaho is so naturally beautiful, I hope it can stay "untouched" in it's beauty....but it AMAZES me that these things we love in nature have to be legislated! Isn't it just COMMON SENSE??? Why are some humans respectful towards the earth while others don't care? Where does this kind of knowledge come from in which we could go either way? I am always wondering if we are born with this compassion from cycling over and over again with our soul or if it's our society, families and friends that shape our decisions? When I see nature I stop and breath for it's beauty can not be put into words...nor do pictures capture the experience until you, yourself can stand there with me and see.....
When I think of the constant beauty of my home, of my own place that I create, I know how truly grateful I am to be alive today!
This constant beauty I call Idaho, this earth I hope to leave better then when I found it. This awe inspiring and refreshing State holds so many places to seek out peace and joy!
Holds so much magical stories and sense of community that every so often national news or abusive coverage gets me feeling down or helpless but when I step out my front door that perspective instantly changes. If I took a drive to go see the Sawtooth Mountains my imagination couldn't capture all it's glory! With pine trees, butterflies and deer that grassy valley brings you to those snowy peaks of such constant beauty! It's a place of romance, of calmness and of lasting thoughts......It's a place simply for your soul to refresh it's self again!

Oh Idaho the true BEAUTY out there!

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