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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It came to my attention the other day as I walked in the quiet park of such morning glow that I really love stillness. I have felt overwhelmed in many things changing these last few weeks, maybe even months to be honest! So it proves I really love still and quiet moments like those! I don't like a day filled with things to do or a set list already.....
     I feel like time is pushing up against my back saying "go! Go! GO!" and I want to put my hands up saying "No,Stop! and be still you crazy time!" I was explaining to someone about how busy my life has become right now and they replied How good it is to stay busy...People are funny to think this way! For I DO NOT agree at ALL! Stillness is my soul's food and my happiness!! How can you keep that away by being busy and justifying such business as a good thing???  I will never quite get it, nor will I want to! Give me peace and calmness before you give me a schedule to maintain! Good grief life isn't meant to be one job after another, our lives were meant for so much more and yet not everyone looks for that deeper thing in their time....I stand still in my own backyard look up at the sky and think to myself "This is my time to just breath and BE!" Thank you Stillness and peace of mind to care over my life! I stay young because I will not rush through time, I will be busy there is no avoiding this completely and I have responsibilities to care over. Yet I have never been lazy as well....just relaxed in completing my chores, projects and capturing time along life's path. I will never be one to like appointments and days gone with every hour planned out! The other morning I got to the mall before it opened and drank a pumpkin spice latte from my old coffee shop, I loved the stillness of the place so different and quiet. I walked the whole outline window shopping and leaving before society crowded me in! How magical was that beverage and peaceful was my mind?!? I need to do things in those kind of calm moments when I can find them more often and remind myself that stillness teaches me the great things about who I am even more!
So don't be afraid to be alone with yourself in the stillness of time!

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