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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The first night in Caldwell for this week of dog-sitting, I knew while I watered the gardens and played in the fenced in backyard with the dogs. Surrounded by peacefulness and beauty of the valley below, I knew that tonight I was kicking it up downtown at the best the steak house and saloon! Taking in the sunset at my uncle's coffee shop full of his kids to befriend. It ended up being far better of a night as I walked the park and thought about these soft warm evenings changing into the fall once again.
The bar in the basement of Indian Creek steak house is one of my favorite places to hang out for the bartender is a true cowboy, years of stories with his graying handle bar mustache. I sat happily by the country music screen reading fun facts of the musicians as they played while I ate. I like doing things on my own all the time! I meet more people then ever before if I am alone out in the world, I am not distracted with my focus on the person I am with. I like deciding suddenly I want to take a walk with no objections or voting on what to do next. I am not complaining being around someone is just as enjoyable as being all alone is what I  am trying to convey. In Caldwell I fall into memory lane for this is where I came from mostly, I like being inspired to write and share my stories while walking out on my own in the sunset of the end of day. 
As that 16oz steak came I ate happily on my own, visiting with my friends, the owners, then sometimes laughing at the over heard jokes from the lively group at the bar. I took in my gin and tonic slowly as the whole steak disappear perfectly in my tummy! Lately I have been seeing old friends who step back in awe at how skinny I am right now and I forget that I have really changed in the last 2 years. I meant it fully with joy and hope for everyone else when I say "It's eating steak and bacon everyday, honestly it is! Truly a WONDERFUL diet and now well my perfect lifestyle!" If people ask me then I will tell them with pride, how I have become healthier....for I love to eat STEAK all the time! It's a great taste in life with such easy delight to be made well again! I sat there lost in thoughts and songs, peaceful with an empty plate and my happy smile in that saloon singing along to an old country song when the bartender exclaimed in awe at me "WOW, How did a little gal like you eat all of that steak??" I laughed back and said "Easy! It was really GOOD and I was looking forward to it all day while working in the gardens!" Thinking to myself that it was also funny to be called "A little gal" even when I was a little girl I was never called that....amazing how gluten keeps us chubby and struggling so much, when really all we need to live is a perfect grilled steak!

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