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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Magical Moments

   This chilled morning had me and 4 dogs huddled together over the car heater and as I grabbed coffee from my cousin Mitch, in this small town of Caldwell I was thinking how sad it will be to leave, going back to my spot in Boise is really where my home is, yet being on my own has been truly peaceful!
The Nampa dog park is the best in the whole treasure valley!  I always spend a few hours here when I get to make it over! Oscar knows and loves the place well, We all made our way up the hill then I sit up there taking in the whole park below as Oscar runs laps fast and excited clear across the grounds like a dog so free and happy! He always watches for me from across that distance and I call out to him for being such a wonderful dog, people laugh as they walk by realizing that dog way out there is mine. When he runs ears back at full force I wish I could capture that beauty and strength forever!
Minnie had never been here before so she found it wonderful with her tongue out and nearby shade to rest in, her world is always a happy, good place to be! I love how calm and careless she is! her goofiness and her beautiful brown eyes have me falling in-love with her every new day!
Small sweet Sidda did her best to keep up with me when I ran or changed locations, she slept a bit in the sunshine in my arms, she isn't big into meeting new dogs and seems to soak up the sun light more then the others! Her tiny paws were muddy always but I like that kind of print on my clothes for I smile when she skips off to roll in more mud! Edison, or my Eddie as i call him isn't as chilled out as I would like but he watches my every move and command. We didn't have any kids at the park so I wasn't worried about him getting worked up and nipping. Old age has him groaning and moaning more but I have always been calm and focused on him. He trusts me completely, he liked stretching out in the green grass with me on the hill side watching the rest of OUR pack roam! My heart is where ever my dogs are, my life is completely beautiful for it too!
I think 4 different personalities in these dogs make for really good laughter and happy smiles! A perfect start to the day!

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