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Monday, May 29, 2017

Sudden Death

It hurts like hell.

It hurts in our souls, in our blood burning like fire and aching like we are hungry but can't eat at the very same time.
It feels like we turn into water, weakness in simply just standing.

It feels like we are trapped against a wall, screaming and hitting it with all our mighty strength only to realize it will NEVER break.

It feels like we never knew anything to begin with in ourselves or in our life stories.

It was ALL so important as we lived through it but now we are looking back in slow motion, in true awareness of what it was.....because we didn't know just how important it was. We never thought it would be so different as sudden death takes our breath away!

It feels like our chest will burn in fire of rage, burn in our sense of injustice!


......and it ALWAYS will be........

Our friends lost their son, Benjamin Michael Dorman. the arms of love we gathered together, in the arms of love we helplessly held onto each other.
        Through sudden death he left us.....and we cried.

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