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Friday, June 2, 2017

2 Thumbs Up!

  It's has been a sad emotional week, I have step out into the world a bit more aware of how important it is to be this strong after crying even a bit longer, I think of how silly most things are now in comparison to all the hurt I feel and all the hurt I know.

  It's a different story once again as I live, a different way to think and speak.

I have noticed in those I love all around me hurting that my arms are strong and steady, I know how it feels to cry out all this pain,  that need to just fall to the ground and stay there awhile.....
so if they need me to keep them up then I will hold on to them all the better in my understanding.

There is nothing wrong with just being on the ground for awhile though........
for tears, for loss and for pain. 
 I just lay down and look up into the sky,
I cry. 

2 thumbs up for Ben! This has been such a sad week, a new sad story to carry so close in my heart....always!

The sky is blue today and I look up 
wondering if Ben has found my brother Derek, for they both had a desire to be outside and to give, to help everyone else around them with that joy, with that generous love! 

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