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Monday, May 22, 2017

Phillip Phillips - Home

             As I went on a bike ride yesterday with my husband and his family for a belated  Mother's day event for his Mom. I got to thinking about how nice it is to be outside riding through the old school Boise, the lovely morning sun light against the trees I held onto my bike grateful for the event, grateful for such a relaxing stroll as I can't keep my list of worries in check right now, everything happens at once sometimes, and I can't get my time back. 
It's now or it's gone, that is real life.
I'm glad that my husband has his family, their friendships and their joking around together makes me smile as I pedal on down the lovely magical world of the Boise river.....

It's not going to get any easier the older I get in the more people I will miss from my life.....

I am home in myself, where ever I go or whoever is around me I feel truly blessed to have a sharp mind full of happiness in the great pain of loss and sorrow. I am as I am in now, in right now. I like who I am in my own head that sometimes I wish to just stay there talking to myself instead of facing the future HA!

In my home today I walk in the sun light and cry again for there is so much more to my life then I can capture!

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