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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Last year

I've been home today, cold and cuddly with all my pets. 
My husband was saying how strange just one year later everything is different, is changed.
I will always remember last year for Mother's day as I decorate my front patio with flowers in the warm sunshine we sat out there all day!
I had my parents and my 4 brothers over for shrimp scampi and long conversations about politics. My Mother enjoyed a cozy chair surrounded by flowers of spring,it was such beautiful day,  I go back so easily for it was great to see my husband chatting with my father as my brothers all enjoyed sitting side by side.

Last year was so magical, so important to me in having us there in my home.  
Today I stayed away from the patio as it's cold and nothing is really growing that good yet.....
I understand how now one brother will never return to sit with me there again.
So I'm left staying in, feeling tired and sad. Yet only last year on this holiday it was very different in activities and conversations.

I love being home. I love having these memories and these moments of pure peace as I hope next year has some warmth to it.

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