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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lights and Dreams

Dear Derek, 
Whenever I heard this song I think of you in the golden sun light of the day on the snowy slopes in your perfect form gliding with the snow, making it look so easy, just snowboarding down the mountain.

Whenever this song plays on I smile thinking about being teenagers together!
I feel the importance of it all now that you had left the mountain side forever......I would of never thought much about it again it was just the way you were snowboarding through the winters....camping in the summers....

Whenever ever I stop to picture and remember you in the best sense of adventure, this song gives way to the wind and speed you zoomed on by me as I smile proudly "Good Job Derek, Good job my brother! You made me almost want to learn how to snowboard...almost.   
I'll hold my ski poles a bit closer to me as I stop to watch ya, as I stop to remember just how gracefully fast you sure would go!"

I remember teasing you about being on your butt in the snow way to much that it almost seemed like you fell over and can't get back up without a ski pole like I had! Ha!
 I remember when you very first started snowboarding how I would just shake my head at ya and say "Snowboarders are so annoying!" You just grinned and nodded replying "That's my goal!" I will always remember those early days on the slope as we kids just trying to figure out how everything worked. And how You took on snowboarding with such confidence that 20 years later you made it look truly Awesome! 
...Just like this song as you feel each turn while listening to the music!

I will always look up at the Lights of Bogus Basin and remember how you loved the Night time hours up there!

Lights and dreams,
Love and hugs,
Your sister

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