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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Behind the Holiday

I love this holiday for the joy in sharing food and family time! My list of thankfulness grows every year and today's dry weather is one of them since I don't like driving in the snow ever!
I am so grateful for all my friendships and for all my family, AND for this time to be still in true thankfulness. 

I am also excited to take my Mom some shrimp cocktail this afternoon, since she loves shrimp so much! I am thankful especially for this past year in having her come stay with me several times because I have learned so much about who she is and what she really thinks about me. I needed this information for my own personal growth I realize now, She has given me such insight and depth in figuring out my whole life story from since I was born and she was there to care for me. She is so real and honest now in whatever we talk about that I am thankful for our better friendship now.  The most important gift is grace, I am ever so thankful to want it and strive for knowing how to give her that in return for all her honesty and painful stories of our lives intertwined. I am so thankful for her in my life even though I wish her stroke had NEVER happened, without it she might never of told me so much stuff to make me work through it. I wish we could of had the openness we have with each other now back then...But it is with grace and gratefulness that I move forward in my life and enjoy spending time with her still knowing one day all of this could be gone so for this very minuet I am thankful to face it.....even if I don't always understand it.....
 For without love and grace we would all be staying behind the scenes if we could! 

Have a Happy Beautiful Thanksgiving day!

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