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Monday, November 10, 2014

My Condo Flashback Film

This storm came upon us without any warning in 2010, I had just gotten my new camera and filmed this awesome moment because I've always been a storm chaser! I love being outside so much that when I get in from a storm like this I feel so cozy and safe once again not "trapped inside"anymore. We use to live in such a small space I had forgotten! My delight and entertainment in storm watching keeps me always enjoying my surroundings! Here I am this morning 4 years later with 6 pets and a much bigger home with no connecting walls to my neighbors. The coldness of fall turning into winter has us all cozy under blankets here on the couch. I look outside in awe of this magical place to live and how I do NOT miss my condo days at all....because I have honestly out grew that time in my life! 

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