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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Being Thankful equals being Happy

I just read an article that brought some much needed focus on what is important for thankful happiness. In this YES Magazine website I really enjoyed these 7 steps with my cup of coffee, I've noticed since my mother has been staying with me a few nights this week That I am grateful to have thankfulness in the front of my mind right now as she shares how unhappy she is in not being able to walk or move like she use to, or when she has many requests in the middle of the night I think about happiness being a choice more then ever before. My mom can't seem to relax and just be still as she either wants to go out for lunch or go shopping again to the Boise Mall. But in this stay we had such a deep snow fall that we were able to get to the mall the first day she was here and after that staying inside. This makes her very restless and wanting to see Dad and the boys back in her own cottage.
I have noticed being grateful and thankful helps me find happiness in Mom's stay with me through anything that comes up, since she seems uncomfortable quit a bit with her paralyzed side right now and her lack of sleep I am glad to understand how Happiness is a choice after counting all these moments as thankful times to learn from. That and a good warm hearty breakfast helps me wake up better against the sound of the TV playing "Toy Story" for us to watch together. The years really do go by and having my mom stay with me is truly relaxing among all my pets and blankets as we watch the snow falling outside, Mom asks "Do you want to go out for dinner? I can buy." I chuckle shaking my head in reply "I have soup already made so we'll be safer inside." Then we settle in as I count it all joy and gratefulness to bring a happy smile to my face!

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