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Monday, December 1, 2014

Let it Snow!

This is a rather stormy day, snow falling and clouds covering everything! I woke up to all 3 dogs not waking up very easily so I said "Must be stormy outside then." Sure enough they all ran out to pee quickly and come right back in for breakfast, it's the beginning of a stressful week for my husband in his law school finales so I keep to myself for the most part, decorating for Christmas gives me such joy and delight being inside from such cold!
My 6 lazy cuddling pets fill my heart with all the socializing I really need as we hang out in my blankets and pillows fun filled living room!
I am not a winter person, but from the safety of my warm home I like to sing "Let it snow, let it snow!" The steaming of mulled wine and the colorful new homemade soup I roasted up makes me LOVE being a homemaker!
This is such a magical time of the year in which I take it all in with a fat cat in my arms and snowy wet dogs at my feet...we are now just waiting on setting up the Christmas tree!

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