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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Loving the World!

There is such a passionate feeling in the Fall season, it is the vibrant colors of the world around us changing just before the cold naked winter arrives.
There is a sense of  hurry to capture all of the sun's warmth and get the food storage for long snowy trapped inside days of the next cold dark season.

I love being a homemaker in the fall, canning and drying fruits. Freezing extra veggies and meats. Deep cleaning each room from top to bottom while adding in even more blankest and pillows. Stocking up on wool socks, sweaters and boots. While cooking more bone broth and heavy comforting soups!
I love homemaking in the fall with pumpkin scented candles as the early chilly evenings need a comforting touch. The colors of the leaves and the land all around me is breathless in awe of simply different and yet rich in beauty, I don't stay outside all night anymore but I do step out to take a deep breath of fall and see the world changed recently! I let my mind and soul whisper "I'm LOVING the WORLD!" then I bundle up a bit more and smile for life is never the same day to day, never.

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