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Friday, November 7, 2014

The Sea

When I start to feel down and sad again I get online and look at pictures of the Oregon Coast, I zoom in and out online looking over hundreds of pictures reminding me of a place I love and a place that comforts me. Doing this always cheers me up so well!

When I get this way, restless and distracted from my own thoughts I get out for a walk and most importantly I get out for my own time, taking pictures of fall or writing in my journal I am amazed over how much being on my own awhile feels me with such peace and focus again to come back to the table at the coffee shop full of friends in a better mood and new  strength.

When I remember watching such a great movie last week called "All is Lost" starring Robert Redford, I was instantly faced with my own self in many ways! Because I love the sea so much that one day down the road in my life I could see easily sailing out into a new adventure in seeking insight for my soul.

When I reach the ocean side I am captivated and still, instantly still, so whatever was bothering me or inside my thoughts rolling around with my emotions is stopped as I hear "It doesn't matter anymore." I am one with the view of a unknown world out there! I whisper against the wind in the sand as the sound of waves roll towards me "I love you, I love you, I love you!" as I run freely with my dogs into the sea. No one else can feel this for me, no one else can distract me from my core being when I am at the ocean, when I am truly and perfectly HOME.

When I watched "All is Lost" I was reminded how inspirational it is to fight for every breath no matter the odds!

When the movie first started out there was a clear line in showing the difference from being alone  and being lonely. I enjoy being on my own just doing my own thing and I can sit alone anywhere just fine. I find that I think clearer, I feel depth in connecting all the dots of questions in my head when I am on my own for awhile, I have such peace in letting the world move around me as I take it all in! When I am lonely I quickly call a friend out for coffee or happily hug everyone I know who walks by! I send out texts, emails, cards and pictures to everyone I am missing in my life in my panic to find connections and conversations. When I am rarely lonely I have noticed just how very important people become to me in my longing to chat it up! As I watched "All is Lost" I chuckled to myself over how I would be talking to myself out loud if I were Robert Redford sailing across the ocean with a damaged boat. For I never really think I am alone when I start rolling conversation through my mind, I actually picture myself in a moment of stress or high activities that I need to be told from my wiser self what to do next or how to prioritize my life. I know this is a funny feature of myself as I get older and as I find movies that inspire me like this one did I am realizing that I am NOT going to worry about it nor try to change it. If I talk to myself while being alone then so be it but if I start imagining other people around me when I am so lonely then I will be concerned of course! 

Loving people just as much as I love the ocean helps me create a balance in my life where my soul gets a rest in being still and my social calender stays happily active! AND if ever I find myself surviving the ocean then I WILL create flashbacks to what steps Robert Redford in "All is Lost" performed to survive because as I watched it from the safety of my perfectly peaceful solitude I felt like All was gained!

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