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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Humor

It was a cold fall morning as I walked into the kitchen of my friend's home while her mother brewed coffee asking out "So how did ya girls sleep last night? Were ya'll warm enough? Did ya have enough blankets because it got really cold last night." I stretched out and yawn smiling "It was all good, I actually fell asleep before the others which has NEVER happened before in a slumber party for me, I am must be getting OLD." My friend's mother chuckled while nodding in her reply "Well Debby dear, you ARE almost 20."  I shrugged carelessly back saying "That's not going to change the fact that I like to have slumber parties and all night long conversation at the truck stop." She smirked at me with a wink "You just keep telling yourself that and one day when you say "Everyone needs to go home so I can get some good sleep then you'll know life has all these levels and stages." The background radio was on as I sat there waking up thinking about what she had just said, the sound of laughter coming from the radio drew me into focus as I asked "What is that?" She sipped her coffee beside me calmly and peacefully listening to it. "Car Talk" I kept on listening as I began to chuckle with it too. "How interesting! I've always wanted to know more about cars! This is a really nice radio station, not all loud and annoying. I like it!" My friend's mother who had always made being around her very welcoming explained "The radio station is NPR, and "Car Talk" is a show where any caller can ask a question about their vehicle to the brothers, that's whose talking right now. They have a great relationship in working together to help people understand the car world easier, I really enjoy their humor too."  

I was hooked from that morning on to never miss a Saturday morning episode if I was anywhere near a radio! I often wondered as I listened "So will I remember that when my car acts that way too? How can I conduct myself in a confident way when at the auto body shop?"  There is a an end of era without even realizing it as now anyone with a car problem can instantly "Google it" and the long awaited week of car stress is ended faster then calling in to "the Click and Clack brothers" over the public radio. The best part of this show was the laughter and the connection to our culture and our society. We the listener laughed together as we all grew a wiser too! 

This past week  Tom Magliozzi passed away after 77 years of one adventure after another and I felt nostalgic remember how I was 19 years old finally stepping out into the world around me not afraid to express myself and longing to learn new things.  6 years later I stood sipping my coffee in my kitchen listening to the radio laughter as my husband was still sound asleep, I reflective over how I didn't really like slumber parties anymore because my own home was now my peaceful sanctuary and I had a very important loyal Saturday morning routine with NPR as my desire to never stop learning while laughing wholeheartedly grew even deeper!
THANK YOU, Thankyou Car Talk brothers for giving me such a great insight to life and to the cars all around me!

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